December 8, 2021

2022 Renault Kadjar: What The Nissan Rogue Sport’s French Cousin Will Look Like And Everything Else We Know

The current generation Renault Kadjar surprised us as a competent and likable crossover that was distinct despite sharing most of its underpinnings with Nissan’s Rogue Sport (aka Qashqai). The upcoming replacement, expected to debut in 2022, will continue to platform share with Nissan.

The 2022 Kadjar will come at a time when cooperation between the three companies that form the “Alliance,” Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, are working together to synergize their approach. This will likely include increased sharing of electric tech, as the new Kadjar will be available with an electrified drivetrain.

A Shared Platform

The 2022 Kadjar will use the shared CMF-C/D platform developed by Nissan and Renault. With the Kadjar sharing the basis of the Qashqai, we expect the 2022 model to follow its Nissan cousin by growing in size. It’s also the same platform used by the Mitsubishi Outlander.

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The latest Qashqai grew 1.4 inches (35 mm) in length, 1.3 inches (32 mm) in width, and 1 inch (25 mm) in height. The wheelbase also climbed by 0.8 inches (20 mm). However, if you’re expecting a simple rebadge of a Rogue Sport, Renault would have us believe this won’t be the case. Nissan and Renault have both shared their desire to maintain their brands’ unique identities.


We initially expected the Kadjar to launch with the same engines as the Qashqai at launch. This could mean offerings such as a 1.3-liter mild-hybrid, with 138 and 156 HP, and a 1.5-liter e-Power hybrid with 188 HP.

However, according to a report by the French website Largus, the 2022 Kadjar may set its own path in the powertrain department. As such, it could feature at least two electrified petrol units in the line-up, one being a conventional hybrid as well as a more powerful plug-in Hybrid PHEV model.

The self-charging hybrid will incorporate a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine to be known as an E-Tech Hybrid. It is expected to produce a combined output of around 200 bhp.  Meanwhile, the plug-in hybrid model will feature close to 280 hp from a 1.5-liter four-cylinder. This may be achieved via two electric motors, which would give the 2022 Kadjar an all-wheel-drive option.

The plug-in hybrid drivetrain was initially thought to be shared with Mitsubishi’s Outlander. However, the report states that Outlander’s powertrain would not meet Euro 7 requirements — which makes sense as, at one point, it seemed that Mitsubishi was exiting Europe.

While the sister brand of Renault now looks to stay, the Japanese company will be offering rebadged Renaults. Whether one of these is the Kadjar remains to be seen.

Death Of Diesel And the Rise Of The EV?

It remains to be seen if a diesel model will be offered on the Kadjar. However, early reports indicate that Renault may be pulling the plug on the fuel soon. Could an EV of the Kadjar be on the horizon then?

While an EV version hasn’t been ruled out, the second-generation Kadjar is not expected to launch in electric-only trim, with an battery-only Megane SUV expected to fill that void.

However, with Nissan ready to share more EV components with Renault, the French manufacturer plans to offer ten EVs in total by 2025 as part of its “Renaulution” plan that maps the automaker’s future strategy.

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The 2022 Renault Kadjar is apparently set to take a more upmarket approach. It follows in the footsteps of many manufacturers making a push for higher-priced vehicles in a changing market.

Our rendering shows what we expect the Kadjar to look like. It features slimmer headlights, a more dynamic grille, and a waistline reminiscent of that found on the Qashqai. In addition, there are hints of the Renault Megane e-Vision concept that was shown last year, while the interior is expected to follow suit.

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The first generation Renault Kadjar has been in production since 2015. Read our review here

One rumor that has been doing the rounds is that the Kadjar may sprout two additional spin-off models. These would essentially be a seven-seater version, as well as a coupe-SUV body style.

Release & Pricing

With early production prototypes still being spied on the roads, we expect a reveal in 2022 at the earliest, with an on-sale date likely in Q2. Pricing is yet to be announced, but expect it to be priced slightly higher than the outgoing model.

Note: The opening image is an independent, speculative illustration made by Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien and is neither related not endorsed by Renault

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