May 21, 2022

Honda PCX Electric Scooter Patent Registered In India

Honda PCX Electric scooter showcased in India. File photo.

Honda PCX electric scooter has already been showcased to select dealers in India

Honda, just like other mainstream automakers, is looking to develop a dedicated electric lineup of its own, particularly in the two-wheeler division in India. With future mobility heavily dependent on battery-powered technologies, Honda has also started developing its electric two-wheelers for its international markets.

However, none of them, as of now, have been confirmed for India. Though the Japanese auto giant did recently filed patents for the fully electrified version of PCX scooter. These patents were filed last month but it will be too premature to assume that the scooter will be launched in India anytime soon.

More Details

Earlier in January this year, the company revealed that it has no plans to launch an electric version of PCX in India even though a prototype of the same was showcased to dealers in 2020. Back then, Honda said it was trying to gauge consumer response.

Honda is known to have filed numerous patents in India previously that did not make it to production. However, it does reveal that the bikemaker is looking to bring electric two-wheeler mobility in India.

Honda PCX Electric scooter showcased in India
Honda PCX Electric scooter showcased in India. File photo.

Honda electric scooter was initially expected to be launched somewhere by the end of 2021 but with the second wave of Covid-19 wreaking havoc across the country, it will most probably be delayed a few months. It is likely to borrow certain design cues and technologies from the PCX electric scooter.

Expected Design & Features

In international market, Honda offers PCX branded scooters in three powertrain options- IC-engine, petrol/hybrid and fully electric powertrains. The fully electric version has been patented in India.

It carries a muscular and aggressive maxi-style design with clean body lines, a front-heavy fairing and a prominent apron. At front it gets twin-pod headlamps and a tall windscreen to protect one from excessive wind blast. Other design highlights include a stepped-up single-piece seat, a split type footboard, black alloy wheels and a stylish grab rail to name a few.

In terms of features, the e-scooter gets an all-digital LCD instrument cluster, remote start key, USB C-port and a controller unit located on the floorboard. Hardware consists of a suspension setup comprising telescopic forks at front and twin-sided shocks at rear. Braking duties are carried out by 220 mm front and rear disc brakes while safety is provided by a single-channel ABS.

Powertrain Specs

As far as powertrain specs are concerned, the e-scooter is powered by a swingarm-mounted AC motor that can generate 4.2kW and 18 Nm. This electric motor is fed energy from a Li-ion twin battery pack which offers a paltry range of only 41 km on a single charge. In all likelihood, to address this issue, Honda could induct bakery swapping technology as well.

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